Basics of Flexo Printing Machine and why you should choose one

If you are working in the printing sector, you must have heard the term “flexography”, but do you know the detailed process behind it. You might be thinking- what is flexography?

It is the modern high-speed type of printing process that is mainly used for packaging and label applications. It is used for fast, high quality and also for affordable printing for a variety of goods. This blog will know how flexography works and how this process is becoming so popular these days. To experience this type of printing benefits, you can buy Flexo Printing Machine in India from Varsha Fashions. 

How does flexography work?

In flexography printing, the primary material comes in the form of a roll that passes through the series of rotatory flexible relief plates. A specialized type of roller provides ink to the flexible plates. A single flexible plate is needed for each kind of individually printed colour. The relief plates then work for providing colours for a product that will be printed. 

When you require adding some additional process like laminating, embossing and die-cutting, you can integrate them along in a single passage of colours. This, in turn, increases the overall production speed and also capabilities over the traditional printing techniques. 

Flexography printing allows printing on various media that includes:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic firm
  • Paper
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Multilayered film composites

The label of this technique’s flexibility has increased the use in a wide range of sectors that include plastic bags, food packaging, self-adhesive labels, and cut and stack labels. Due to flexography’s speed and efficiency, this method is far better than the conventional printing techniques currently available. It has become an ideal printing method for food, consumer items and the beverage industries. 

Benefits of flexography over traditional printing:

  1. In-line finishing is included in this type of printing
  2. You can automate several applications like laminating glue, varnish applications and cold foil
  3. Increase the level of flexibility with various colours and substrates
  4. It helps you in producing larger quantities in a short time

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