Take Informed Investment Decisions With Varsha Hygienic Machineries

Varsha’s Story of Inception

Varsha Hygienic Machineries came into existence as a unit of Varsha Fashions. Varsha Fashions have been into business for more than a decade and they boast being the number one machinery makers in India covering segments like Non Woven Bag Machine, Paper Bag Machine, Paper Cup Machine, and so on. They started their journey with the vision of helping budding entrepreneurs grow and succeed in their respective fields. Dharmendra Kumar Ravi, the CEO of Varsha Fashions, has had struggling times during his initial entrepreneurial days and so, as a successful businessman now, he pledges to make it easier for the modern business aspirants. Varsha Hygienic Machineries is a significant part of his vision. The new unit was formed with the objective of promoting and selling exclusively hygienic machineries and its related end products.

The New Unit

As already mentioned, Varsha Hygienic Machineries is a unit dedicated to hygiene products which include sanitary napkin making machine, under pad making machines, diaper making machine, panty liner making machine, and adult diaper making machine. Varsha Hygienic Machineries not only cater to the manufacturing processes but also take care of selling the end products to the wholesalers.

A Detailed Look at the Hygienic Machines

Their Pull Up Diaper Making Machine comes with a production speed of 400 to 700 minutes per minute. Whoa! That’s exceptionally fast, isn’t it? The machine can be used for making both adult and baby diapers. The machine has a good resale value as its parts have been imported from technology giants like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea. In fact, Varsha Fashions itself buys back used machineries at 50% to 60% resale value. The Diaper making machine is equipped with a PLC controlled Servo motors driving system supported by a big touch screen. Additionally, the machine has web wheel moulding, teeth like crusher, SAP auto adding, servo unwinding, auto reject for wastes, and several other useful features that make the machines extra productive, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Moreover, this machine is likely to churn out a profit of 7 to 10 lacs per month. 

Apart from this, they have Sanitary Napkins making machines. With rising awareness for health and hygiene, the demand for sanitary napkins in India has been ever increasing. During such times, the demand for napkin manufacturing processes is also witnessing a sharp increase. Businesses that are willing to leverage this opportunity should definitely opt for Varsha Hygienic Machinery’s napkin making machines. These machines come with three UV treated ultra tubes having mirrors fitted inside. The installation of these hygiene machines are done free of charge and the user doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge regarding its operation. Varsha Fashions also have a range of technicians to assist the users in running the machines.

Exhibitions and Expansions

Varsha Fashions have recently participated in Nepal Medical & Lab Expo to spread awareness about hygiene products and machinery. They have focused mostly on the large market waiting to be served and the diversity existing in this sector, which is rarely addressed by the machine manufacturers. This endeavor sets them apart from other industry players. Now they are all set to make their presence felt at the Medical & Healthcare Expo to be held at the Momo Inn Convention Center, Gokul, Bangladesh, from 16th to 18th June, 2022. At this mega event, the company is determined to transfer knowledge regarding their hygiene machines as well as other equipment. 

Varsha Fashions is currently headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. They have branches in Patna, Bihar and have expansion plans across Delhi, Aurangabad, and Ahmedabad. The company also exports their products in Nepal, Omen, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Stay connected with Varsha Fashions through their Instagram handle @varshafashionsin or visit their website varshafashions.com to get every relevant information you require for starting your dream venture. Their other social media handles are given below. Rest assured, Varsha Fashion’s constant support will be there with you.