Potential of the Sanitary Napkins Market in India

No More Hush-hush

There was a time when a Whisper commercial would make my mother uncomfortable. She would quickly change the channel because the male members of the family were sitting in front of the television. I would ask her what the matter was, and she would hush me, saying that it contained adult stuff. Times have changed and we have moved past the hush-hush era. Now, society is way more grown-up, thanks to movies like Padman. Today, we are aware of the fact that menstruation is a normal biological process in females, and no one needs to be shy about it. The commercials have added a lot to bring about this change in the thought process of the Indians. The credit goes to the renowned brands that have started to take an interest in the modification of the conventional concept of sanitary napkins. However, there’s still a lot to be done. UNESCO states that 23 million girls recently dropped out of school because of poor menstrual hygiene. So, what makes sanitary napkins important? Let’s have a look.

Revolution and Transition

Sanitary napkins have come a long way, and the journey has been quite commendable. Women, as well as men, have now made peace with the fact that sanitary napkins are more hygienic than clothes. Also, sanitary napkins have a high absorption capacity that allows women to spend more time at work without worrying about stains. Moreover, the cotton napkins are biodegradable and, hence, cause no harm to the environment. With the increasing participation of women in sports, sanitary napkins have been playing an inevitable role in offering them comfort and flexibility for longer hours. These factors have made sanitary napkins a must-have for women.

Is it a Profitable Business?

In 2020, the Indian sanitary napkin market reached a value of nearly $521.5 million. The market is further anticipated to flourish at a CAGR of 11% throughout 2021 and 2026 to attain an estimated worth of just about USD 975.4 million by 2026. The Indian sanitary napkin market has been driven by continued government support for years now. Reports state that Maharashtra has consistently been the biggest sanitary napkin maker in the country, with a hold of the majority of the country’s market share. The sanitary napkin market in India has been widely supported by technological up-gradation, which includes superabsorbent fiber technology. Such advancements help the manufacturers to emphasize making high absorption sanitary napkins. Additionally, the increasing awareness spread by the government and international bodies like UNESCO and WHO has considerably contributed to the growing demand for sanitary napkins in India. The consumption of environment-friendly and high-quality raw materials to make these sanitary pads has further propelled the market growth of sanitary napkins in India.

The Eternal Question

Nothing is more important than health and hygiene. Fortunately, people have started to realize it. Although we are running late in upgrading the hygiene factors for women in India, the good news is that we are running at least. It is the 21st century already and if the female counterparts of the country are still struggling to have access to basic hygiene, then we wonder when will be the right time for them? A serious question indeed. Hoping to find some positive response to the question soon.