Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

The sanitary napkin machine depends on the type of sanitary napkin that is required to be produced. There are four control systems for the sanitary napkin equipment:

  1. Full servo control system

Every part of the machine is controlled by a single servo motor which makes the machine precise, less noisy, less wasteful, and very stable when running at high speeds. 

Speed: 1000 pcs/min, 480,000 pcs/min

Main machine power required power: 180kW to 400KW (Hot melt applicator, air compressor excluded)  

   2. Semi servo control system

It is mainly driven by a frequency motor, however some parts like the SAP supplying part, wood pulp supplying part are controlled by semi servo control system. 

Speed: 600 pcs/min

288000 pcs/8H

Main Machine Required Power: 120 kW to 350 kW (hot melt applicator, air compressor excluded) 

3. Frequency motor control system

All parts of this system are driven by a frequency motor. 

Speed: 500 pcs/min

240,000 pcs/8H

Main Machine required power: 80 KW to 130 KW (Hot melt applicator, air compressor excluded) 

4. Economical control system

  1. We will help with the set-up of the machine. Typically we will send 3 technicians, 1 electrical engineer, and 2 mechanical engineers. 
  2. 1-year warranty and service forever
  3. Remote consulting and remote control of machine issues.

Machine Specifications

Volume (million pieces/year)

90-240 million pieces

Designed speed

800 pcs/min-650 pcs/min

Stable speed

600 pcs/min-450 pcs/min

Passing rate

>=97% (not including the glue applicator, auto splicing)

Technical parameter

3 phase, 5 wires (380v, 50Hz)

Power Supply

200 KW

Power Installed

250 KW include glue filter

Power Used


Electric Wire

3x120mm2 + 1x50mm2 + 1x25mm2

Compressed Air Supply

0.6-0.8 MPa

Compressed Air Absorption

4000 NI/min

Machine Size

24.0m x 3m x3m (LxWxH)

Working Size

28m x 6 x 3.5 (LxWxH)

Machine Weight

Approx 40 tons (Whole production line)

Machine color

Confirm with customer

Machine Direction

from right to left (can be designed as per customer’s demands)


4×40 HQ containers

Product Size

As per customer’s requirements

Product Type

a. fluff core b. ultra thin

Product Structure

a. Fluff core: top sheet, fluff core (SAP), back sheet, back release paper, wing release paper, pouch film, easy tape.
b. Ultra thin: top sheet, air laid, SAP paper, back sheet, back release paper, wing release paper, pouch film, easy tape.

Environmental Data

i. Temperature: 10-35 degrees Celsius
ii. Humidity 55% RH + 5
iii. Noise Level <=87 dB (measured at a distance of 1m)