VF-1100 High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

VF-1100 High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine has double turn table, dual-segment, high-performing functions like automatic paper fan feeding, imported heater side seal cup, top lubrication, automatic bottom paper feeding, double curling artwork, automatic cup collection and stocking capability. Can produce both single and double PE cups, suitable for cold drinks as well as hot drinks.

Main Features

1) Gear and Cam Transmission System
2) Automatic oil lubrication
3) PLC Control
4) Ultrasonic Swiss heater and collection
5) Imported branded electric parts
6) Advanced machine design

Approximate Profit/Month : ₹ 1,00,000

Machine Specifications



Production Speed

100-150 pcs/min

Total Power


Power Supply

380V,50HZ(3phase,4lines+ground wire)

Machine Weight

70 tons

Space Required


Man-Power Required

1 skilled / 1 un-skilled