VF Surgical Mask Making Machine

VF Surgical Mask Making Machine is used for creating 3-5 layered surgical mask. In this ongoing COVID-19 crisis, a face mask has become one of the most essential weapons to prevent the further spread of the virus. The health industry is so dynamic, pandemic or absence of pandemic would not matter. Masks are essential to this industry. The rising pollution is another reason face mask is not going to go out of market. And in this crisis, the demand for masks has spiked. These mask machines are imported from South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is made with high-quality branded spares and components. The spare parts of this machine are always available in the local market.

Approximate Profit/Month : ₹ 150,000 –₹ 300,000

Machine Specifications


VF-Surgical Mask

Production Speed


Mask Size

175 x 95 mm

Mask Layer

4-6 Layers

Total Power


Power Supply

220V, 60 Hz

Machine Weight


Space Required

500 sqft.

Man-Power Required

1 skilled / 1 un-skilled